Industrial Door & Hardware

Servicing Doors in Toronto for 35 years


Industrial Door & Hardware is the leading supplier of all types of doors, frames, hardware, auto-door operators and lock and door installation services in the GTA area. When you require Hollow Metal doors and frames, Wood doors, Glass / Aluminum doors and frames, auto or Handicap Door operators, or hardware for the above doors, Industrial Door and hardware can fulfill this requirement correctly. We have been supplying doors and frames for over 35 years. With this much experience in the door and frame business, you will find that dealing with us will get you what you need in the best time, and as reasonably priced as possible. We can install and deliver if required.

Our Customers

We service the Commercial and industrial Contractors, Developers, Property managers and many other builders or clients in the architectural door and frame business. We sell to Office buildings , Hospitals, Shopping centres, Universities , Institutions and more We service the GTA - Mississauga - Brampton, Woodbridge, Oakville , Vaughan, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, and Whitby.